Installation Checklist

Read Before Proceeding

Parts must be replaced to a professional standard according to vehicle/engine manufacturer’s specs and guidelines.

It is critical, and the duty of the customer and mechanic to make sure, that the cause of the original failure is identified and rectified. Failure to check leading the new part to fail for the same reason/s, will not be covered under any warranty. The owner of the vehicle and appointed mechanic and/engineer is responsible to make sure the part is a suitable replacement.

Installation Checklist

Inspect For Damage

Upon receipt of the new part visually check and ensure there is no damage due to handling &/or transportation


Inspect For Visual Match

Mandatory! Compare new and old part side by side and ensure they are the same, in all respects, i.e.

- Cylinder Head (Block & Sub where applicable): oil and water galleries, manifold port shapes, mounting holes & threads, dowels (including depths), valve count, rocker shaft count, camshaft count, camshaft pins, camshaft inlet and exhaust installed on correct side. Crankshaft and piston bore clear of defects.

- Crankshaft: keyway position and flywheel mounting holes


1. Cylinder Heads & Blocks


Threaded Parts

Check that injectors, sparkplugs, and other fittings, fit correctly in the threaded holes before fitting the head to the rest of the engine.



Check that there are no visible blockages in water ways and oil galleries and use a compressed air gun to blow all of these out as debris can sometimes become trapped during the manufacturing process.


Assembled Head Further Precaution


Confirm all the tappet/valve clearances are correct – while they were set at assembly it is still worth checking. Also check tappet adjusters are tight and will not move in service.

If there is cause for concern, call us immediately


Ensure the camshaft, cam followers and all other moving parts are well lubricated with the pre-lube before attempting to turn the engine over.


Gaskets & Mating Surface

Use new gaskets. Ensure all gasket surfaces and the cylinder head and block mating faces are clean, undamaged, level, smooth and free from oil, grease & water before fitting. This is especially critical when using multi-layer steel gaskets. Ensure camshaft oil seal is installed, where applicable.



Use new bolts and tighten to manufacturer’s torque settings specifications. Be sure to oil the threads and under side of the bolt heads & washers before fitting. It may also be best to leave the head & gasket to settle between each stage of the tightening process. Do not clean block threads with a tap, use an old head bolt with a cleaning groove cut the length of bolt instead.



Ensure to use manufacturer stipulated timing settings. Make sure the timing components are fully functional, if there is wear, you must replace. Do not use worn guides, chains and belts. If you are unsure when last the timing components were replaced, we advise that you replace them.


Turning Over

With spark plugs/glow plugs & rocker cover removed, the engine should be turned over until oil is flowing through all the oil galleries in the cylinder head. This is typically 30 – 60 seconds after the oil pressure light goes out.


2. Crankshafts


Ensure to physically check the crankshaft received matches the required size i.e. if you ordered standard, check and make sure you received standard. Ensure the stroke matches your old crankshaft and engine. Ensure pilot bearing is fitted. Avoid using scored or damaged bearings.



Complete the re-assembly of the engine to industry standards and test run checking for any leaks (oil or water) after the engine has reached full operating temperature but prior to any road test. Be sure to bleed all air from the cooling system at this time.


Cooling Components

You must ensure cooling components are working to 100% efficiency. Inspect for leaks and blockages, replace where necessary. Bleed the cooling system per the manufacturers guidelines


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