We accept the following payment methods, card payments are processed securely via our payment partners' secure gateway. At no time do we have access to your payment credentials.
  • Yoco - Visit for more information
    • Card: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro
    • Instant EFT: Absa, FNB, Investec, Nedbank, Standard Bank, TymeBank
  • Payflex Installments - Visit for more information
    • Card: Visa, MasterCard
    • PayLater: 4 Installments - Get it now, but spread your purchase across 4 equal interest-free payments, over 6 weeks.
    • 0% Interest - There is no interest to pay if you pay on time, fees do apply if you miss a payment. Visit to find out more.
    • Instant Approval - Apply in minutes for your Payflex account via our checkout when you're ready to pay or on their website,
  • Float Installments - Visit for more information
    • PayLater: Get it now but spread your purchase over, up to, 24 interest-free, fee-free monthly installments using the available limit on your existing Visa or MasterCard credit card, without any application or credit check.
    • Float splits your purchase into easy-to-manage, bite-size monthly installments (as opposed to charging you the full amount up-front like a regular credit card transaction). In short – they buy you all the time in the world to settle your credit card balance. This is especially useful for those BIG value purchases.
    • 0% Interest - Float never charges you interest, fees, or late fees. Ever.
    • 0 Late fees - Float never charges you late fees.
    • No Approval - Float helps you to use your existing credit on your credit card, so you’re not taking on any new credit.
    • Use Float in 3 steps - There is no application and no credit check.
      • Select Float as your payment option at checkout.
      • Choose your number of installments.
      • Enter your credit card details and Float it!
  • EFT
    • Account Name - All banks - Eklutna Trading 9cc
    • Ref - Your order number
    • Email - For proof -
    • FNB - EFT & Cash Deposit At ATM Only
      Account: 6306 9101 590
      Branch Code: 220526
      Click for Account Confirmation
    • ABSA - EFT Only
      Account: 4102 5903 83
      Branch Code: ABSAZAJJ
      Click for Account Confirmation
    • Capitec Business - EFT Only
      Account: 1051 6155 42
      Branch Code: 450105
      Click for Account Confirmation
    • Nedbank - EFT Only
      Account: 1220 7160 14
      Branch Code: 198765
      Click for Account Confirmation
    • Other
      Pay to FNB
    • Faster clearance, please pay to the account that matches your bank. If you do not see an account that matches your bank then pay to the FNB account. If your purchase is urgent then you may have to do an immediate payment.
    • Outside of business hours payments or payments done during the weekend, may only reflect the following week, regardless if payment is made to the same bank.
  • Cash Deposit - At FNB ATM Only
    • FNB Only
      Account: 6306 9101 590
      Branch Code: 220526
    • Teller deposits attract fees which are for the depositor, please make sure you deposit at an ATM otherwise any loss to fees will have to be paid before release of goods.
    • Know how much you are depositing before you go to deposit at the ATM.
    • If the ATM does not provide a deposit slip due to error/no paper, take a picture of the ATM screen if you can, then send us the picture and inform us to check the account.
    • If the ATM malfunctions and does not register a deposit, you must go to the bank immediately or first thing in the next business day and inform them of the issue and the amount. The bank will provide you with a document that is a reference for their investigation, please send us a copy and retain the document. It may take 24 – 72 hours for the bank to resolve, this is beyond our control, and we can only release goods when the money has reflected.
    • Should you be unable to deposit at the ATM due to the ATM not being operational and you must deposit at the teller, make sure you tell the teller that the ATM was not working, and they must not charge for the deposit.
    • Goods will only be dispatched or released once funds reflect in our account and NOT on presentation of proof of payment, sms or any other medium.

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