Eklutna Trading 9cc reserves the right to alter/change the terms and conditions including the terms and what is covered and excluded by the warranty, without prior notice. The latest version of the terms and conditions including the warranty will supersede any previous version, physical and digital or in any other format, and may include the details listed in previous versions. A copy of the latest version of this document will be made available upon request or can be copied from this web page.

Upon purchasing you are in agreement to the terms and conditions stated here with.

You will not under any circumstances remove, amend, obfuscate or tamper with any of the trade marks, identification numbers, serial numbers, part numbers and/or names affixed to or marked on the product nor allow any third party to so. Doing so, without permission from management of Eklutna Trading 9cc, will render your warranty void.

Pre-Installation Checks & Precautions

It is the duty of the customer and/or mechanic to make sure that the initial fault or cause of fault in the vehicle is identified and rectified.

Technical specifications are approximations unless otherwise stated. It is the customers duty to ensure the part is suitable for it’s application, please check with your mechanic. It is imperative that you, your mechanic and/or your engineer inspect the part immediately upon receipt and physically compare, to your original part, visually, and with the use tools and instruments where required, to ensure the part matches your original, exactly. Please refer to the installation checklist, you can download a copy by clicking here.

The complete cooling system has to be inspected. If the original radiator, water pump and/or cooling hoses(at least inspected to ensure of no leaks) are still used on the vehicle, they must be inspected thoroughly and replaced where necessary.

Timing components such as timing belt/chain, tensioner, etc. must be replaced.

The block and internal parts including the sump and oil sieve must be inspected and bolt holes cleaned thoroughly.

Fresh oil must be used and a new oil filter must be installed.

Complete heads may or may not be supplied with camshaft oil seal, which are normally found in a gasket set. It is your duty to check before fitment.

Complete heads have clearances set, clearances must checked before fitting the head but do not change/tamper with them in any way. If you feel there is a cause for concern, please contact us.

Call out charges are charged at a rate of R1.40/km to reach destination and return. Plus a further R250 per hour if there is no fault with the part after a claim of fault.

Only the parts supplied by us are under warranty, with no exception, we will not entertain any claims for labor costs, recovery, transport or incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages such as, but not limited to, physical injuries or property damage, loss of time, loss of use of the vehicle, inconvenience, rental vehicle charges, towing charges or accommodations resulting from a defect in or failure of the part. Warranty starts from date of purchase, not when it is resold or fitted to a vehicle. We will not entertain any claim where a vehicle was unable to be used, for any reason including being impounded by police, until after the warranty period has expired. Any claim where the fault is not visible, or otherwise apparent, must be supported by an engineer’s report from a certified, independent, engineer, proving fault, and the proof of purchase (in some instances regardless of the fault being apparent we may still request an engineer’s report. Any new item which is tampered with (i.e removing camshaft, removing cam holding caps, tampering with clearances…etc.) after receiving as supplied, will render your warranty void. Attempted removal/tampering with serial numbers will render your warranty void. Failure to comply with any reasonable request, that is not beyond your ability, should a dispute arise will render your warranty void. Warranty does not cover over heating, ensure you have changed cooling system to avoid further complications, nor does it cover failure do due to incorrect timing settings or timing faults due to frail/used timing components. Please refer to the installation checklist.

Warranty is valid in the name of the purchaser & is not transferable. Terms of this warranty applies to both new and used parts, subject to further stipulation below. In the event that a guarantee is listed/stated, it is most likely an error, it will not hold true.


New parts including cylinder heads, blocks, cranks, sub assemblies and engines, sold for use in passenger vehicles and/or taxis that used in a commercial capacity, e.g  are only under warranty for 30 days from purchase. Parts sold for use in vehicles other than passenger vehicles or taxis are under warranty for 6 months from the date of sale or until 10,000km of usage has been reached, whichever occurs first will apply.


Used parts including cylinder heads, blocks, cranks, sub assemblies and engines are sold as is and is supplied with a 30 day start up warranty on condition you get the part reconditioned. Diesel type engines, blocks and sub assemblies carry a start up warranty. We recommend testing and refurbishing before fitting.


Cylinder heads, crankshafts blocks, sub-assemblies and head, block, sump assemblies supplied to trade customers which a claim is made against must be inspected by the trade customer, with consent from Eklutna Trading 9, prior to being returned to Eklutna Trading 9. We will only deal with the purchaser/company of the part and not the end user. All above conditions still apply.

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