Safe Online & Distance Shopping

We've all heard incidents of people being scammed when buying online or distance buying from a company in another town, so we understand that some of our customers are unsure if Sharp Auto Parts is a legitimate business and are wary of being duped. To help you be safe online & distance shopping with us, we present the following information to put your mind at ease.

Visit Us
We operate 3 branches in South Africa, located in Stamford Hill, Durban; Kempton Park, Johannesburg and Goodwood, Cape Town. Please feel free to visit any of our stores or if you are in another town, ask someone whom you know who lives near any of stores to come visit us, for your peace of mind. You can find our branch addresses and contact details by clicking here

Find Us On Social Media
We have active social media accounts, you can find us on Facebook by clicking here clicking here

Video Call
All of our sales staff use WhatsApp to communicate with contacts, ask your salesman to conduct a video call and show you the store and the part that you enquired about.

Google Us
Each of our 3 stores has a Google Business profile page where customers have written reviews about their interaction with us, you can find the pages by clicking on the relevant link.

Merchant Payment Providers
We accept many different forms of payment that are facilitated by merchants or financial service providers that vet our company before allowing us to use their services. These companies require us to submit FICA documents on an annual basis to ensure we meet operating requirements and ensure consumer security. These merchants list our company on their website directories, you can visit any of them to check if we are listed

Why Do We Ask For A Deposit

  • Holding deposit - If you want us to hold a part for you, we require a small deposit as a commitment from you that you will take the part. This safeguards us from losing a potential sale if you change your mind
  • Courier deposit - Sometimes an item may be out of stock in the branch that you want to purchase from, this means we have to transport the part from another store which has a cost attached to it. We ask customers to pay a deposit equal to the courier cost to transport the required part, so if you change your mind, we don't incur unnecessary costs.
  • Special order deposit - Sometimes we don't have an item in stock and have to purchase it from local supplier, therefore we request a deposit from customers has a token of commitment that they will buy the product once we receive it, because some suppliers do not accept returns for goods correctly supplied.

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